[BiturboS4] Mobile Speaker in door?

Andy Turner andy at palomar.demon.co.uk
Tue May 6 18:49:34 EDT 2003

I'm still trying to fit this Parrot Bluetooth handsfree to my S4! I've
got me a Bentley CD, and according to that, and other people on this
list, I should have a dedicated phone speaker in a door. On the
diagrams, it's in the driver's door, but the on my UK model, the
driver's door is on the opposite side - I'm assuming that the speaker
would still be in the driver's door? Anyhow, I'm not convinced I've
got one, because the diagrams I've seen imply that it can be seen
normally, ie there's a little cover on the inside of the door and you
don't need to take the door apart to see it - is that right? I don't
have one on either side! The confusing thing is that there *are* wires
present in the Bose head unit (pins 5&6 of the brown connector) that
disappear into the dash. Is it possible that the cable is present, but
the speaker isn't?

If anyone can confirm that the speaker can be seen in the door
interior panel without taking the door apart, then that should confirm
to me that I don't have one.



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