[BiturboS4] Strange Beeps when entering car!!

scott dolan scotdolan at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 21:52:29 EDT 2003

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I went to get in my 2001 S4 yesterday after work. I unlocked the door with =
the remote and got in. I heard a beep may be a couple of beeps like the lig=
hts were left on. However, the lights were off so i just ignore the beeps. =
Then, I attempted to put my key in the ignition but it would not fit. I loo=
k at the tumbler and noticed someone had attempted to steal my car. At firs=
t, I thought i was in the wrong car! Then i looked at the door and noticed =
he managed to destory the driver side door by punching a hole in the door n=
ext to the key hole.  The door needs to be  fixed and repainted. However, T=
hey were unable to get the car started using a screw driver in the ignition=
 lock. I was unable to get it started with my key. I was unable to get the =
trumbler to roll over so, i could turn the wheel to get the car on a flat b=
ed. I was able to get the car to go into the run position and turn the syst=
em computer On.  I am guessing that encrypted key prevent my car from being=
 stolen. However, I am not sure that this is the case. I think the car thef=
t would have know that the car has a encrypted and would not of attempted t=
o steal it. But, may be some audi A4 and S4s come with encrypted keys and o=
thers did not.  Or did the rob, just screw up this particular job and he wi=
ll get it right the next time.

Signed ,

   Pissed off America! Who pays too many taxes for cops that can not stop c=
rime except for speeding. I get lots of tickets

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