[BiturboS4] Rattle from pipes or turbo...

Matt Woodward matt at boopboop.org
Mon May 12 14:08:16 EDT 2003

I had some sort of foreign body in my wastegate servo.  It rang like a
little bell, producing an almost constant ringing sound at speed.  They
could hear whatever it was jingling around in the wastegate servo by
listening with a stethoscope while they banged on the exhaust.

I've also heard of heatshield rattles near the turbo FWIW -- but I
didn't have that problem, so I have no information on it.


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Yet another turbo problem in the list, maybe...

My A6 with S4's engine started to rattle. I thought it was comming
from the pipes because they where leaking little bit. I already
ordered catback pipes from BN-pipes, partly because of rattle partly
because of plans to upgrade "RS4" setup in some point, but rattle
started to be worse, now I could hear it inside the car, before it was
only when window was open. I drove to local Euromaster service coz
they agreed to weld the pipe and check all the connection point (I
some places they just want to sell you complete new pipe and not

Well, I called there and they said that the is comming from or near
turbo! Ok, first I saw just blackness, then dollars (or Euros in this
part of world) flying from my pocket to repair shop. After I came back
to conscious I started to think: What could make rattle in the turbo?
Maybe broken wastegate rod? But should I not get any boost in that
case. I think I'm getting boost ok. I can't hear whine from turbos
almost at all, so shouldn't be bearings. Could this be the upper cats
or am I facing the turbo upgrade? I really wouldn't like to spend
10000 euros right now. At least after I paid some bucks to get velve
cover gasket leak fixed. Well, this could be punishment from chipping
the car.

Fortunately I got my urS4 just fixed, spending loads of money having
local audi dealer try to fix it and then finally fixed it by myself (I
hope so, worked since then) by just replacing fuel pump relay.


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