[BiturboS4] Rattle from pipes or turbo...

Miikka Salonen miikka.salonen at kolumbus.fi
Tue May 13 03:33:11 EDT 2003

>Can I ask how much it cost you to get your valve cover gasket leak
fixed and
>what were the symptoms you observed that let you know it needed to be
>  I know it's a common problem with our engines and I'm out of
warranty now.

Ok, I found the bill and noticed that the gasket change wasn't so
much, I had some other things made at same time. They did 6 hours of
work to find where the leak was and to change gasket. So it was 300
euros ('bout same in dollars) for the work plus 40 euros for the
gasket. I noticed that they also changed oil cooler gasket. Still, not
very easy fix, you have to remove lot of stuff before you can reach
the valve cover. I thought it was more because the whole service was
1200 euros, but as I said, they did other jobs too.

The symptoms: car smelled burning oil and if I pushed the pedal before
stopping, it also smoked visibly from under the hood!!! Well, the oil
gasket was somehow split from one point and it was leaking _a lot of


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