[BiturboS4] New Tires and noise question

Michael Kuriger michael at isuzu-mods.com
Mon May 19 10:16:19 EDT 2003

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damn, that sucks!  I just turned 16,000 miles in my 01 S4 and the tires
still look like new.  I have the factory bridgestone tires.


ken kgrant wrote:

>I have a similar question.  I use two sets of tires on
>my S4.  The Michellins that came with the car for the
>summer (May-Nov) and Dunlop for the winter.
>I was at the dealer last Saturday and he looked at my
>summer tires and said that I probably have another 5k
>miles left on them!!!  Shoot, I only have about 15-18k
>miles on my summer tires at the most.  Is this normal?
>I thought they were suppose to last at least 30k
>miles.  And I do not race my car.
>Any thoughts?
>--- Step88 <step88 at kc.rr.com> wrote:
>>I had a set of Kumho Ecsta 712's on my Toyota Supra
>>and found them to be
>>decent tires in both wet and dry.  They were better
>>than some of the other
>>tires I had on the car over the years and at much
>>less cost.  They wear like
>>iron too.  I'll be interested to hear how they work
>>for you.
>>Bob Stephenson
>>2000 S4 - stock throughout
>>----- Original Message -----
>>From: "daniel chisholm" <dbc112 at yahoo.com>
>>Ok, I went and cheaped out. Got a set of Kumho from
>>Tire Rack, will let
>>everyone know how they are.
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