[BiturboS4] Re: audi coupe quattro tubi turbo?

Michael Kuriger michael at isuzu-mods.com
Wed May 21 09:35:40 EDT 2003

I did a hack job on my very rare 1991 isuzu impulse RS for the same
reasons.  it's just a car and now it's a lot more fun and it's a car I
built myself.  good luck on your engine swap.

also, at car shows and engine swap geta a lot of points :-)


desmond auld wrote:

> Thanks for your opinion.  I realise that the urquattro is rare.  I
> basically
> believe that it is a sin to have these cars and not use them for what
> they
> where designed for eg going fast.  A stock 10V or even a 20V wont do
> that in
> my opinion.  I want similar power to that of the group b rally cars,
> without
> the unreliability and expense of a highly stressed 5 cyl engine.  The
> extra
> capacity of the 2.7 should help here, also the more modern 5 valve
> head is
> excellent for power.
> At the end of the day its just a car.  I know it's a "special" car,
> but it's
> a car.  It is the driving of something that I have built that gives me
> pleasure.  That's why a new s4 wouldn't interest me in the same way.
> Also I
> couldn't fund it.
> Thanks again for your feedback.
>> From: Ti Kan <ti at amb.org>
>> To: desauld at hotmail.com (desmond auld)
>> CC: quattro at audifans.com, biturboS4 at audifans.com
>> Subject: Re: audi coupe quattro tubi turbo?
>> Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 03:02:25 -0700 (PDT)
>> While you are of course free to do whatever you want to do with your
>> car, I would like to suggest that you keep the UrQuattro original.
>> At least, don't do such drastic modifications to it.  The UrQuattro is
>> a classic, and as rare as it is becoming, I'd hate to see it molested.
>> No matter how fast or "cool" the end result may be.
>> I think you'd also find that the UrQuattro in its original state will
>> preserve its value much better than one that has been hacked.
>> If you want a biturbo-powered car, buy a biturbo powered car as it comes
>> from the factory (i.e., S4).  If you want to modify the car, then use
>> that
>> as the basis.  It *will* work better because that's the way it was
>> designed and built, and you'll probably spend less when it's all done.
>> Just my opinion.
>> -Ti
>> 2003 A4 1.8T multitronic
>> 2001 S4 biturbo 6-sp
>> 1984 5000S turbo
>> 1980 4000 2.0 5-sp
>> --
>>     ///  Ti Kan                Vorsprung durch Technik
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>>   ///    ti at amb.org
>>  //////  http://www.amb.org/ti/
>> ///
>> desmond auld writes:
>> > Hi all I am new to this list.  I have spent a lot of time around golf
>> GTI's
>> > including highly modded turbo ones so have a good idea of VW/Audi
>> cars.
>> I
>> > have always liked the original Audi Quattro turbo Coupe and hope to
>> get
>> one
>> > in the coming months.  It will probably be an early 10valve.
>> >
>> > I want a fast Quattro coupe and so am looking at fitting a 2.7 v6 bi
>> turbo
>> > s4 engine.  I can get one for very good money.  I have already
>> sourced a
>> > engine management system for it that can deal with this type of
>> engine.
>> I
>> > am not scared of a bit of fabrication and work.  I have been told the
>> engine
>> > bolts to the gearbox OK and that maybe the steering may need
>> modified to
>> > clear one of the turbo's.
>> >
>> > Questions are:
>> >
>> > 1.Does anyone know of any other similar engine conversions?
>> > 2.What problems does the s4 engine give?
>> > 3. I am shooting for 400 BHP what would your change?  Injectors,
>> compression
>> > ratio, turbo?
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