[BiturboS4] Re: audi coupe quattro tubi turbo?

Fifield, Douglas Douglas.Fifield at TENNANTCO.com
Thu May 22 15:49:07 EDT 2003

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FWIW, I just returned from a two-day Quattro Club event at the BIR track in
Brainard, MN, where I drove my stock 95.5 S6 Avant with the I-5 AAN engine
in one of the novice groups.  There were the usual component of Porches,
SHO's, Subi's, etc. there, but the most popular groups were the UR-S4/S6
types and the Neu-S4/A6 types with the biturbo 2.7 L V-6 engines.  In my run
group, the majority of the cars were of the later type.

Now, how you drive is probably more important than what you drive, but I
will say that I was only passed once (by a porche) and did my share of
passing - of mostly bi-turbo 2.7's.

You can do a lot worse than work with an I-5 turbo engine.


Douglas (still jazzed up in MN)
95.5 //S6Avant - mine
98 Mercury Mountaineer - her work sled
98 Toyota RAV4 - for sale
73 BMW R60/5 - lonely in the garage

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