[BiturboS4] Stratmosphere Diverter Valves - Missing "O" Rings - Consumer Alert

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Sun May 25 17:53:27 EDT 2003

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To The List,

Since it's rainy here in the Northeast this Memorial Day weekend, I decided=
 to service the Stratmosphere Hyperboost valves on my  Y2K Imola S4.

I purchased the Hyperboost valves last November (2002) and this is the firs=
t servicing. Well, I received a surprise when I opened up the valves to re-=
grease them.

The "O" ring located at the top of the valve was missing. No, it didn't fal=
l out...it was never there. The two "O" rings in the cylinder wall were int=
So, two out of three "O" rings were installed from Stratmosphere.

I also purchased a third Hyperboost valve from Stratmosphere last November =
(after the purchase for my S4) for my Porsche 951. After my discovery with =
the S4 valves, I opened the valve that I installed in the 951 and found THR=
EE "O" rings.

With this in mind, could the missing "O" ring in both diverter valves in my=
 S4 cause them to be defective? I am wondering if the lack of the "O" ring =
would interfere with the valves ability to hold/sustain boost.

I sent an email to Stratmosphere documenting my experience and requesting t=
hat TWO "O" rings (for my S4) be sent to me. I have removed the Stratmosphe=
re DVs from my S4 and replaced them with the stock Bosch DVs until I receiv=
e the "missing O rings" from Stratmosphere.

I am passing this info along to ALL S4 owners who have purchased Stratmosph=
ere Hyperboost valves - INSPECT THEM - if you haven't already.


Y2K Imola S4
86 Porsche 951.

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