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Hit the AUTO button and then ECONO.  This will keep the temp adjusted automatically but leave the compressor off.  Otherwise, the one-touch down feature works quite nicely on the windows.

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> I just bought by 2001-S4 less than a month ago, and was really surprised at
the gas
mileage.  On a trip from Norwalk, Ct to Providence - round trip 260 miles,
29 mpg on the trip computer.. and I wasn't driving to get good gas
reading is a little high by about 2 mpg.

After years of poor gas mileage in my 1996 Grand Cherokee V8, anything
be an improvement.  Still hold on to my Jeeps, to pull my 19' boat, and
utility trailer,
but nothing beats tooling around in my S4.

      Ti Kan..  thanks for tip on adjusting headlights, as I have found
low beams
to be a little low.

       The only thing that confuses me in this car is the HVAC controls.
would love
to operate the system in manual mode at times.  Just to open the vents and
blow a
little air in from the outside, without the temperature being
When it is cold outside, love to be able to just open the vents, and blow
little cold
air into the car.  Any suggestions?

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> I wanted to see just how good a gas mileage I could get from my S4
> on an extended drive, so I filled up at a gas station right off the
> freeway and then drove (with cruise control set to 65mph) from
> to the SF bay area the entire way, about 120 miles (confirmed by the
> trip computer's average speed reading of 64mph).  At the end of
> the trip, which is mostly flat terrain except for one mountain pass
> at the Sunol Grade, I got a reading on the trip computer of 31.9
> average MPG.  I think the computer may be a couple MPGs optimistic, but
> it's still excellent for what this car is.
> Just thought I'd share this.
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