[BiturboS4] more hesitation... after a cold start..

David Bray brayd at rogers.com
Sat May 31 08:56:05 EDT 2003

I've had this problem with mine since day 1 (2001 S4, Oct '00 build), and it
was never really resolved.  However, I noticed that when I changed to
synthetic oil last fall, AT MY OWN COST, the problem almost disappeared.
It's now gradually coming back, but not nearly as severe as it was.

IIRC, there were 4 other people who said they had the same problem:
    Jeff Dowley, Jay Bartlett, William Safford & Anshuman
Did you guys find any solution?  Anyone else?

David Bray
2001 S4, still all stock <sigh>

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> Alright, this issue is starting to annoy me.  I posted a while back
> regarding hesitation in leisurly acceleration after the car has been
> sitting overnight.  This problem was very minor at 18k miles and now at
> 28k miles has become quite annoying.    I am not sure if it is the change
> in temperature between boston and San Antonio, TX (where i recently
> relocated to), or a sign of age. My car is a 2001 S4, everything stock
> (soon to change)
> I know others have experienced this problem, but has anyone
> gotten it fixed?
> The hesitataion is only during the first 10 mins of driving, and happens
> under leisurly and exremely slow acceleration.   If i try to accelerate
> vigorously (which i know is bad since the oil is not sufficiently warmed
> up), the car bucks as it looses all power.
> The problem has become fairly repeatable since i have moved to texas.  In
> boston it was once or twice a month.  Now its every morning.
> I do hope there is a cure for this..
> -N
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