[BiturboS4] S4 mileage VAG adjust

TStifler tstifler at att.net
Sat May 31 14:35:28 EDT 2003

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      Here's the old post for those gas mileage nuts out there.
      Originally Posted by gklein on 2003-02-16 13:35:01

      Performed the VAG fuel consumption adaptation and now the trip comput=
er matches my own calculations for fuel consumption. I keep track of gas mi=
leage per tank and reset all the trip computer functions every time I fill =
up. For the past 25k miles on average it has consistantly been off by 10% o=
r about 2 mpg. After changing consumption in block 10 to 110 it is now spot=
 on. A little disappointing as the average mpg on the trip computer are not=
 as artificially high, but at least it is more realistic.

      For those interested it's in the instrument cluster module(17)...adap=
tation(10)...channel 03. The default value stored is 100. It can only be se=
t to between 85 and 115 in 5 % increments. I set to 90 first and saw avg mp=
g increased over one tankful. Now it's set to 110 and is perfect.


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