[BiturboS4] Who knows what Tip transmission control module reset is ?

TStifler tstifler at att.net
Sat May 31 15:01:38 EDT 2003

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Hi guys-

These are two posts I came along a while back.  Has anyone done this or nee=
ded to do this ?     I don't feel like trying it as I like the way it's shi=
fting now and don't prefer to change a shift point or whatever resetting do=
es.  I have removed/replaced my ecu (engine and tip) a few times and never =
noticed a change in kick down, necessitating any of the stuff below.

Thanks, TS '02

Here are the posts:

Tip transmission control module can be reset...
.=2E.(or at least earlier models' Tips could), which might help your frustr=
ation with the adaptation.

Turn on key but not engine, press accelerator all the way to floor (past th=
e 'click' that's the kick-down switch), and hold it for more than 5 seconds.

Use a VAG tool to do a "Kick-Down Function, Adaptation"...
This procedure is described in the Bentley manual starting on page 24-158.

Here is the short version:
On cars with auto trannies, whenever the ECM is replaced, the Kick-Down fun=
ction from ECM must be adapted.
Using VAG-COM:
1) Select engine control module --> 01
2) Select "Basic Settings"
3) Group "063"
4) You will be prompted to "Activate Kick-Down"
- depress the accelerator pedal fully pass the
the Kick-Down point and hold it.
5) The display will go from "Kick-Down ADP. runs" to "Kick-Down ADP. OK", r=
elease the pedal.
6) Done. You should notice an improvement in the sensitivity.
* - if you receive an error, either you did not depress the pedal immediate=
ly when prompted or you released to early.


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