[BiturboS4] I don't think I'm posting on this list correctly ?? How..

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat May 31 14:15:36 EDT 2003

TStifler writes:
> I get all posts by way of a digest in my email.  The two times I've posted,=
>  I get on the web and I go to BiTurbo page and can only find the latest thr=
> ead under "archive" page and  I am not able to click on a reply or post but=
> ton there.  Is that correct ?  I must send a normal email and retype a subj=
> ect.  I see you guys can include the thread in your reply which is like mos=
> t boards I've been on.  What am I doing wrong?

This is an e-mail list and not really a web-based forum.

To reply to a thread use your email reader's "Reply all" or
"Group reply" function.  Quoting text from a threads is a function
of your email reader.

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