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ng blown K03 turbos) and AoA basically tows line unless you complain to the=

I had other fish to fry - so I took the upgraded K03s (plus intercoolers) a=
nd the risk that they will blow again after 12 months/12k mi.

just my .02


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Tuan Nguyen <tuan at> wrote:
Have the K04's fitted. Run it on the stock chip. When you have the
funds buy the fueling kit from AWE, dp's and exhaust. If it's a 50/50
split I'm pretty sure they'll be willing to pay for the labor and you
pay for the parts. That's what I would do in your situation.

Summer is here and unfortunately there will be a lot more cases of K03's
blowing up. Seems to be like this every time the weather gets warmer...
A friend had his stock turbo's blown about a week ago. Dealer replaced
it under the extended warranty.



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Dealer is very willing to try to work the 50/50 (or better) deal with me
so, I have a dilemma

Do I do the frugal thing and go the dealer route and get 2 more K03s
spend some money and get the same performing car as before back

Or, do I do the radical thing and get Todd's (AWE) K04 kit, downpipes
exhaust and have 418 and TONS of torque.... but spend HUGE $$.

I'm leaning towards the dealer because of $$, but the little red guy on
shoulder is still whispering in my ear. It's just a shame that I can't
both since
the engine will be out of the car already..... damn!!

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