[BiturboS4] Frozen S4

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Mon Nov 10 10:22:25 EST 2003

All you need to do is have "winterized" washer fluid. Yours probably frooze
for the reason you mentioned (residual "summer" fluid in the pipes). You
might want a lighter weight oil if you've been using heavier stuff...but
most people just run 0W30 all year round. Snow tires might help out too.

Have fun! Doing all-wheel drive doughnuts in the snow is a lot of fun!

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>For the first time, my S4 is being exposed to the harsh temperatures of the
>North East.  I've only ever had and used my car in California and Greece,
>and never had to worry about these crazy, cold weather conditions.
>Q1) Do I need to do anything to my S4 to "winterize" it and take it to a
>Q2) I filled the windshield wiper fluid reservoir with -40 degree wiper
>fluid yesterday, but this morn found that my fluid squirts didn't' work
>when I needed to de-ice.  I think this may be due to the fact that there
>was was "freezable" fluid still in the pipes, and that may have frozen.
>Any suggestions on what to do?
>'01 Silver S4
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