[BiturboS4] Frozen S4

DAK dak at rochester.rr.com
Mon Nov 10 14:18:46 EST 2003

I've never replaced mine seasonally either. I think that the coolant
packaging recommend different dilution based on climate. The point here
is that he might have a weaker mix from the warm climate. Up here, I've
always used 50-50. If you aren't sure what mix is in the car, it might
pay to replace it.


David Lau wrote:
> This is a first. In 40 years I've never heard of different coolant for
> summer and winter; just change it every 3 years. Mine has survived Michigan
> with the same coolant for 2.5 years... am I that lucky??
> David
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> make sure the coolant is replaced for winter.  summer coolant can freeze
> in the motor and the radiator which could either crach the engine, or
> cause the motor to overheat!
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