[BiturboS4] S4 MAF's

Russell Romano Russell_Romano at pmc-sierra.com
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Those are the ONLY problems in 1 year.  To me a MAF failure and a leaking ABS unit are not "minor" problems in a 3 year old car.

Personally I've been pretty disgusted with Audi's overall reliability.  But, I love them enough that I bought another... but I wouldn't own it for a single day without a warranty :/

I defend their reliability problems as being due to the complexity of the systems, but the more I hear about problems people are having the less I feel like it is unavoidable.  For the price of these cars they should be more reliable.


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The MAF went out in my 2000 at about 32k just a few months ago.  The check
engine light came on when I was on vacation and at high altitude.  Didn't
know if the altitude had anything to do with it, but the car ran normal and
the light eventually went off for a few days once I returned home.  When it
came back on again, I took it the the dealer and they diagnosed the MAF
(alas, no VAG so I must rely on the dealer).  They replaced it with stock.

Coincidentally, the very next week after getting the car back, the anti-lock
brake unit started leaking and had to be replaced.  Expensive piece.  Those
are the only problems that I've had in a year of ownership.

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> Hi all,
>     Its looking like I need to replace the MAF on my 2000 S4.  From what
> I've read it seems that the MAF's used in the 2000's are fairly
> unreliable and that they use different ones on the newer S4's. I've also
> seen that some tuners sell RS4 MAF's as well(usually with the RS4
> turbos). I'm wondering if anyone has replaced the MAF in their 2000 S4
> with anything but the stock part and how well that worked, or if it even
> feasible without reprogramming the ECU. I'd also like to hear from
> anyone that has had a MAF fail in a 00 and how many miles they have got
> out of it. Mines at 53k and seems to be going slowly but surely.
> Thanks
> Al
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