[BiturboS4] "the company that I purchased my extended warranty from was going into receivorship and wouldn't reimburse me" - hmmm.....Best Aftermkt Warranty? - my answer....

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a VISA/MC with $25k Line (untapped) - because too many warranty companies are insolvent these days..and you are on your OWN !!!

my $.02

Step88 <step88 at kc.rr.com> wrote:
Yeah, when I wrote "the only problems", I realized that it way understated
my disappointment at the time. Furthermore, the week in between the two
problems was also when I found out that the company that I purchased my
extended warranty from was going into receivorship and wouldn't reimburse
me. I wasn't too happy with the car for a while.

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Those are the ONLY problems in 1 year. To me a MAF failure and a leaking
ABS unit are not "minor" problems in a 3 year old car.

Personally I've been pretty disgusted with Audi's overall reliability. But,
I love them enough that I bought another... but I wouldn't own it for a
single day without a warranty :/

I defend their reliability problems as being due to the complexity of the
systems, but the more I hear about problems people are having the less I
feel like it is unavoidable. For the price of these cars they should be
more reliable.


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The MAF went out in my 2000 at about 32k just a few months ago. The check
engine light came on when I was on vacation and at high altitude. Didn't
know if the altitude had anything to do with it, but the car ran normal and
the light eventually went off for a few days once I returned home. When it
came back on again, I took it the the dealer and they diagnosed the MAF
(alas, no VAG so I must rely on the dealer). They replaced it with stock.

Coincidentally, the very next week after getting the car back, the anti-lock
brake unit started leaking and had to be replaced. Expensive piece. Those
are the only problems that I've had in a year of ownership.

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