[BiturboS4] Hydraulid fluids.

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Nov 13 13:42:50 EST 2003

HJN0316 at aol.com writes:
> What are biturbo S4 DIY'ers using to top up your hydraulic fluid reservoirs?
> I've been using Pentosin 7.1 (mineral oil) in my '91 CQ for many years with
> good results, but am taking some extra caution before I top up my '01 S4.
> Both the CQ & S4 reservoirs are labeled "Use only mineral hydraulic fluid G
> 002000".  The S4's labels are accessed by removing the plastic shroud over the
> reservoir.  Logic then says I should be able to use Pentosin 7.1 in the S4.
> But sometimes the German definition of logic is not exactly the same as ours.

The factory G 002 000 fluid *is* the Pentosin CHF-11S.  It *was* the
CHF-7.1 before 1989 or so, but it was superceded from the old mineral
fluid to the newer synthetic fluid at that time.  The synthetic version
has higher specifications and all Audis made after the switchover
should only use the later version.  For cars made before 1989 that
originally came with 7.1, one can top up or replace with 11S.
However, it is not recommended to use 7.1 on cars that comes with 11S.
The S4 of course, falls into the latter category.  BTW, for your 91 CQ
you should also use 11S, not 7.1.

Hope this clarifies things.

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