[BiturboS4] S4 quality

Brad R mrtwr at early.com
Sat Nov 15 21:04:52 EST 2003

Personally, I tend to not form any broad opinions of an auto's quality based
on reading email lists and message boards.  You can get swayed into thinking
it is worse than it is based on repeated posts by a select, vocal few

My car is up to 62k.  In the 10k I have had it, the washer fluid pump went.
Other than that, not another problem at all...

You think the S4 quality is bad?  Own the latest generation (93-95) RX-7 and
you WILL change your tune.  That car has marginal design decisions all over
the place.  The S4 is absolutely bulletproof in comparison.

Personally, your Honda's and Toyota's will have problems too.  You will just
accept them more readily because of the manufacturer's perceived quality.
Perception affects everything in my humble opinion.

I'll take the much higher performance of the S4, and accept that it requires
a reasonable amount of maintenance.  Of course, I would like another RWD
sports car, because I do miss being able to hang the ass end out every once
in a while.  Sometimes I'd like a little less traction.  Here's hoping VW
builds that midengine roadster...

00 S4

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