[Biturbos4] S4 Avant - turbo problem?

Fabryce Fabryce at hartmann-motorsports.com
Thu Nov 20 19:29:07 EST 2003

Thats premature failure for sure..

Does the car have k0-4;s on it or the K0-3s?

There is no reason why real K0-4s should fail with a chip.
Unless who ever installed them, didn't install them correctly.........

Fabryce Kutyba
Hartmann  Motorsports
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> it's probably time to replace the turbos again.  My brand new turbos I
> had put on a few weeks ago just blew out again!  I can't believe how
> shitty they are with a chip.  I mean, 1500 miles is a bit early for
> Mike
> Robin Gibson wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >Over the last 1000 miles I have noticed some unusual engine noises;  at
low revs on light throttle, there is a low-pitched whistle or drone which
sounds like one of the turbos getting up to speed slowly.  On more throttle
or once the turbos are spinning, the noise is not apparent.  At higher revs
(above 5000), there is a high-pitched buzz/chattering sound.  Neither noise
would mean much to anyone who doesn't drive an S4 regularly.
> >
> >The engine is slightly slow to pick up at low revs, but feels generally
ok above 2000rpm or on heavy load.  I replaced the turbos about 20,000 miles
ago after the manifold developed hairline cracks, but the noises this time
sound quite different.  I suspect maybe a wastegate problem or perhaps an
air leak somewhere
> >
> >Has anyone experienced this before?  I have read many emails discussing
boost gauges and the VAG COM; would a turbo or hose problem show up with
either of these, and is it easy enough to rig up something temporary to
> >
> >I'd greatly appreciate any advice anyone can offer, as I have mentioned
it to my dealer but he doesn't want to know until something blows up.  Might
suit him, but I don't fancy waiting...
> >
> >Ta
> >
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