[Biturbos4] Good dealer service and a few other things...

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Mmmm, an execuse to get big brakes down the road?  Got to start saving up! ;-)

I've had slotted rotors (Ate powerdiscs) on my '90 CoupeQ before, didn't feel any difference at all, and they warpped the same as new blank rotors.  I don't think slotting helps cooling much, it's the internal vent design and brake cooling ducts that make the biggest difference.


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Sorry for the delayed reply. S4s are known to have front brakes that warp 
easily...probably because they don't cool very well. Mine warped by 30k 
miles. Dealer resurfaced and they are fine now. But, resurfacing will 
probably decrease the time it takes for them to warp again. Best best is to 
replace with slotted rotors ($100/ea I believe) and get some aftermarket 
brake pads (Mintex, etc.).

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>Subject: [Biturbos4] Good dealer service and a few other things...
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>	Hi everyone,
>	I had my 2-year/32000 km service on Wednesday (I only have 26500 km), just 
>thought I'd share my pleasant experience at my dealer, and a few 
>interesting things they fixed.
>	1.	I mentioned to the service advisor about a slight vibration in my 
>brakes.  It's not bad enough that the steering wheel would shake when 
>braking, but you can barely feel it.  I didn't notice it much when I test 
>drove my car back in summer (from a person I know from local Audi meets), 
>but it was there when I picked up my car.  I also noticed there's a slight 
>grooving on the front discs when I put on the winter wheels.  It was 
>snowing yesterday, so the dealer couldn't test drive the car (a good thing 
>in a way), and they ended up machining the front discs and sanding down the 
>pads.  The tech told me that these discs can be turned once and the next 
>time would have to be replaced.  I'm just wondering how many people have 
>had this happened to them, do S4s eat the front brakes even during normal 
>driving due to its weight perhaps?  The roads here are generally pretty 
>flat, except if you drive thru the Rockies.  I never had a problem with my 
>A4's brakes.
>	2.	I noticed a white noise behind the dash the next day after I got the 
>car, again I didn't hear this when I test drove it.  It's there even when 
>all electrical systems are turned off while the engine is running.  It 
>ended up being a rotating temperature sensor squealing due to dirt trapped 
>inside.  I had no idea there's a small fan drawing cabin air to the 
>thermocouple, and I didn't think it would be turned on when the climate 
>control is off.  This bugger is about 1"x1"x0.5".  I'm happy to report that 
>the annoying noise is now gone.
>	Other than that, the service was excellent, they drove me to work in an 
>'00 A8 (very comfortable car and that v8 sounds nice) and picked me up 
>after work in a '02 A6 2.7t 6-sp, which brings me to the 2.7t manual 
>gearbox...  In the S4, we all know that this is perhaps the biggest flaw of 
>the car from the factory, the throws are long and it's not very smooth or 
>precise, and the clutch is quite heavy.  However in the A6, the clutch is 
>lighter, and the shifter feels lighter and more precise, the throws are 
>just as long, but at least it's light and precise, what gives?  I thought 
>the engine and the tranny are identical in these cars, how come they feel 
>so different??
>	Sorry for the long post, I'll be getting back to work now, 25 minutes left 
>to weekend, woohoo!
>	Quincy
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