[BiturboS4] Nav CD's & wheel touch up

Yu-tai Chung yxc165 at psu.edu
Thu Oct 2 16:08:39 EDT 2003

Hello all,

I am new to the list please forgive me if I say things that has already been

First of all, I recently purchased an 2000 A6 2.7t 6-speed, it came with the
navigation unit. I tried it out in nyc, which is included in map 7 I
believe.  Trying to navigate it from brooklyn to maplewood nj, the system
seems to know all the roads, of course non of the preferred or shortcut
individual drivers uses.  But all and all it works great.  I was looking to
purchase the cds for the rest of the country too. But I don't' think I will
ever travel past ohio.. Maybe michigan driving wise.. Have anyone tried
backing up one of these cds? If it ever scratch or get damaged somehow, I
don't' want to buy another set to replace it. Just wondering if anyone



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Hi all,
    I've got a couple of questions for the list. First of all my S4 has the
Nav unit with a CD for my area(Virginia). I haven't been able to find any
information on where to get CD's for other parts of the country. I've asked
my Audi Parts deptartment, they say ask sales. Sales says ask parts. Not
good. I'm looking for a CD that would cover the New York area - my CD seems
to stop at northern PA from what I've been able to reverse engineer. Maybe
if I had a part # I could order it. Any info would be appreciated.
    The second question is do they make touch up paint for the standard S4
wheels? If so is there any specific paint code I should ask for? I'll
probably be making my 6th part order since I got this S4 about that many
weeks ago and I'd like to make this the last one for a little while. Thanks

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