[BiturboS4] 245 vs 225 tire size

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Oct 2 19:48:27 EDT 2003

Eduardo writes:
> I had to buy a new tire to replace a damaged left rear. Since the spare was
> new I left it in place of the damage tire and bought a Continental with the
> idea to replace the other 3 RE040 in a few more months. By mistake (I hope)
> they got me a 245x45x17 instead of the 225x45x17. Since it went right into
> the trunk, I did not realize until tonight when trying to get it back into
> the spare well. The tire looks much better that 225s! Any idea if I can get
> away running this tire size even though is a little larger than the original
> size?

I think the 245 is too wide.  It will likely rub, either on the fender,
suspension, or both.

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