[BiturboS4] Valve Cover Oil Leak - This problem is common and covered under warranty - no warranty - then u r SOL - S4 = $$$$ to repair

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Sun Oct 5 23:53:18 EDT 2003

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Al Adler <adlere at sourcecodecorp.com> wrote:I noticed some oil leakage leading up to near the front valve cover
seal and belt area of the passenger side of my S4's engine. I hadn't
really given fixing it soon much thought since it doesn't look like it
would add up to much over time. From your dealer's 8 hr estimate it
sounds like one of those take the front of the car off jobs to fix it.
If thats the case I think I'll have a valve cover gasket available when
I do the valve and serpentine belts - hopefully before I get much over
60k miles.
I had an interesting talk with a service advisor from a dealer near
me. The overall impression I got is that out of warranty S4's are very
expensive to maintain at the dealer without an extended warrenty. Given
how time consuming most maintenance work is on the S4 I can why they
cost so much. And don't get me started on the parts costs...
Good luck,

Mark Kadlecek wrote:

> I just had my S4 in the shop and they discovered some oil near the valve
> cover. The service advisor hinted that this has been seen on other
> S4s. What is everyone's experience with this? The tech added die to
> the oil as the leak was very minor. If there is indeed a leak, it is a
> 8 hour job to replace the gasket.
> Mark
> 2001 Audi S4
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