[BiturboS4] timing belt interval (from Audi)

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Get a warranty that covers the car to 100k and follow the manufacturers rec=
ommendation and change it just before the warranty is up.  Between the cost=
 of changing the timing belt one extra time (at 50k), and all the other stu=
ff that goes wrong on Audis from 50k to 100k miles the warranty will certai=
nly pay for itself.... And if the timing belt goes prematurely the warranty=
 covers the damage.


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I've talked with Audi about the service interval (on my 2.7T A6). The
owner's manual states 104K miles. Audi first said 90K on the phone. When
I mentioned some people had earlier failures (54K in one case), the rep
said, then we recommend 60K... So, what to make of this?
A few questions to the list;
1=2E Can people send me details of actual failures at <100K miles?
2=2E Has anyone had the regular timingbelt/waterpump, etc. service done?
Where, How much $?
3=2E Has anyone priced out the parts for a DIY job? I've done the belts on
2 different 5cyl turbos... thinks look a little different on this
engine! :-)



PS. I'd like to add a Biturbo S4 as my commuter car once the A6 biturbo
6-speed is paid off...

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