[BiturboS4] Headlight adjustment / Navigation CDs

Yu-tai Chung yxc165 at psu.edu
Wed Oct 8 13:40:41 EDT 2003


Thanks Ti Kan and Michael Kuriger, for the emails on headlight adjustment.
Unfortunately I tried that and it still didn't' move, I think the lamp is
off its track... Which means... I might have to go to the mechanics..
Because I don't' have the equipment to take off my bumpters to take out the
housing unit.. Sigh...

Anyways. I have another question.

I am thinking of getting the Navigation CDs for my car A6 2.7t because I
can't find anyone on ebay or listgroups selling the ones I need (map 6 and
8) so I wanted to ask people here if anyone is interested in joining in on
this group buy.. I will buy the whole set. And then break them up to sell
them individually for people that need them.. I got a person already asking
for Map 2 if I get enough people that needs these maps.. If not.. I don't
think I will get it because it is too expensive. Anyways.. Please let me
know .



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