[BiturboS4] Headlight adjustment / Navigation CDs

Yu-tai Chung yxc165 at psu.edu
Wed Oct 8 14:29:59 EDT 2003

Yup, that was exactly what I was going to do, have them replace the bumpers
brackets or something need to be put on and ask them to look at the

Here is the info Ti kan send me if you need diagram on how to adjust a6
lights.. I have the bentley manual I can put the procedure inot a pdf or
something. Let me know if you need it.


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Yu-tai Chung writes:
> Thanks Ti Kan and Michael Kuriger, for the emails on headlight
> adjustment. Unfortunately I tried that and it still didn't' move, I
> think the lamp is off its track... Which means... I might have to go
> to the mechanics.. Because I don't' have the equipment to take off my
> bumpters to take out the housing unit.. Sigh...

Not sure you have to remove the bumper to get the headlight housing out. I
have been able to remove and install the headlight with the bumper in place
on my S4.  Maybe the A6 is different.  At any rate, speaking of A6 bumpers,
if you haven't gotten your front bumpers replaced under the Audi LQ recall
campaign, and your car qualifies, do it.  Maybe that's a convenient time to
remove the headlight while the bumper is out.

> I am thinking of getting the Navigation CDs for my car A6 2.7t because
> I can't find anyone on ebay or listgroups selling the ones I need (map
> 6 and
> 8) so I wanted to ask people here if anyone is interested in joining in on
> this group buy.. I will buy the whole set. And then break them up to sell
> them individually for people that need them.. I got a person already
> for Map 2 if I get enough people that needs these maps.. If not.. I don't
> think I will get it because it is too expensive. Anyways.. Please let me
> know .

How about making copies of the various region CDs and sharing them with list
members at a much lower cost?  I don't want to pay full price for anything
outside my area, but would be interested in adding the surrounding regions
to my collection if I could get it for cheap (like less than $10). Obviously
Audi won't like that hence, I am sending this to you as private email.

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