[BiturboS4] Timing belt / waterpump

Andy Warner andy at andy.net
Thu Oct 9 20:38:18 EDT 2003


My timing belt went @ 26,500 miles. Not pretty. Cruising along
in 6th @ 2800 RPMs just puttering along the interstate. Heard
it go, before I could even put in the clutch the pistons topped
out. Needed nearly complete rebuild of the engine, one turbo
replaced and the waterpump. The service techs were fairly
stumped. Their best guess was that it was actually the water
pump that caused the problem. From how mangled it was, they
guess it seized and the belt snapped.

>    1. RE: timing belt interval (from Audi) (Russell Romano)
> I've talked with Audi about the service interval (on my 2.7T A6). The
> owner's manual states 104K miles. Audi first said 90K on the phone. When
> I mentioned some people had earlier failures (54K in one case), the rep
> said, then we recommend 60K... So, what to make of this?
> A few questions to the list;
> 1=2E Can people send me details of actual failures at <100K miles?
> 2=2E Has anyone had the regular timingbelt/waterpump, etc. service done?
> Where, How much $?
> 3=2E Has anyone priced out the parts for a DIY job? I've done the belts on
> 2 different 5cyl turbos... thinks look a little different on this
> engine! :-)

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