[BiturboS4] Do S4s have EDRs?

David Bray brayd at rogers.com
Fri Oct 10 08:37:37 EDT 2003

Electronic Data Recorders:

Here's a quote from the story:
All it takes is your car, a technician or two, a link and a laptop with the
right software to download and decode the information. Voila, someone has
information about your crash and the few seconds leading up to it and
immediately after it.

What kind of information?

The most sophisticated EDRs can tell, along with air bag operation, the
speed of your vehicle before and up to the crash, whether you had your foot
on the accelerator or the brake and whether you had your seat belt on.

Came across this news story and wondered if our S4 Biturbos have EDRs.  Does
anyone know?

'01 S4 6 spd

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