[BiturboS4] Do S4s have EDRs?

James M. De Arras jmd at westlab.com
Fri Oct 10 08:45:00 EDT 2003

Not as a separate device, that information is stored in the air bag ECU
on crash.  Not erasable, the airbag ECU must be replaced after a crash.
But it is possible to read the crash data, so effectively the answer to
your question is "Yes".


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> Electronic Data Recorders:
> http://www.autonet.ca/autonetstories/Stories.cfm?StoryID=9455
> Here's a quote from the story:
> -----------------------------
> ...
> All it takes is your car, a technician or two, a link and a laptop
> the
> right software to download and decode the information. Voila, someone
> information about your crash and the few seconds leading up to it and
> immediately after it.
> What kind of information?
> The most sophisticated EDRs can tell, along with air bag operation,
> speed of your vehicle before and up to the crash, whether you had your
> foot
> on the accelerator or the brake and whether you had your seat belt on.
> ...
> ------------------------------
> Came across this news story and wondered if our S4 Biturbos have EDRs.
> Does
> anyone know?
> TIA,
> David
> '01 S4 6 spd
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