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Yu-tai Chung yxc165 at psu.edu
Fri Oct 10 13:22:56 EDT 2003

1. Called Audi Dealer, tried to ask if the a4 and a6 use the same cd.
	Told me it is a (8 cd) set and they have no idea if they work in
both types of cars A4 	and A6
	referred me to the distributor.

2. Navigation Cd Distribution
	Told me that they only support 2002 - newer models..
	Referred me to Audi-usa

3. Audi Usa
	Told me after 20mins that they are not interchangable..
	which is very suspicious to me...
	and told me that these cds are incredibly hard to get..
	anyways I decided to call Navigation Cd Distribution again.

4. Navigation cd Dist.

	tolded me they will work on both A6 2000 and A4 2000 models..
		- 10 CD set (cover USA) only
		- Told me they are the newest cds for 2003 year
	I am still trying to find out which cds correspond to which states..

	So i ordered them. and they will be here on tuesday.
	Total cost was $290.39 including shipping.

Total time on the phone 45 mins..
I will find out which maps correspond to what and let everyone know.. See if
everyone is still interested.

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Hello everyone,

Just an update, if anyone is interested in splitting a set of Navigation Map
Cds for a 2000 Audi A6 2.7t.

Seems like we got some people interested in the spliting a set of the
navigation map cd.
So far we have the following taken:
The whole set is $300.00 to $350.00 from the dealers I have called to ask.
The are not sure rather or not these will work in other navigations systems
that is not the same as the A6 2.7t year 2000.
I would think it would depend on the navigation system you have so if it was
the same model as the 2000 A6, then it should work.

I have called over 6 dealers around my area, and most of them don't know if
the cds for a6 2000 will work with the a4. I am still in the process of
getting the answer.
So, please check before you agree to buy. Thanks


(1st) = requested first
(2nd) = In line to get the cd, if the 1st person decides to backout.

Map 1 -
Map 2 - (1st) Sarina
Map 3 -
Map 4 -
Map 5 -
Map 6 - (1st) Yu-tai
Map 7 - (1st) Aurangzeb / (2) Al Adler
Map 8 - (1st) Yu-tai
Map 9 - (1st) Al Adler

From: Aurangzeb M. Agha [mailto:ama at mltp.com]
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Subject: RE: Map Group Buy

Sounds like a deal.  Put me down for map #7.

Let me know if you need any other info.


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I'd be interested in disk 7 and  disk 9 if you do the Nav CD order. Thanks
Al Adler

Yu-tai Chung wrote:

>Thanks Ti Kan and Michael Kuriger, for the emails on headlight
>adjustment. Unfortunately I tried that and it still didn't' move, I
>think the lamp is off its track... Which means... I might have to go to
>the mechanics.. Because I don't' have the equipment to take off my
>bumpters to take out the housing unit.. Sigh...
>Anyways. I have another question.
>I am thinking of getting the Navigation CDs for my car A6 2.7t because
>I can't find anyone on ebay or listgroups selling the ones I need (map
>6 and
>8) so I wanted to ask people here if anyone is interested in joining in on
>this group buy.. I will buy the whole set. And then break them up to sell
>them individually for people that need them.. I got a person already asking
>for Map 2 if I get enough people that needs these maps.. If not.. I don't
>think I will get it because it is too expensive. Anyways.. Please let me
>know .
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