[BiturboS4] Another broken exhaust manifold - Time for upgrade

Miikka Salonen miikka.salonen at kolumbus.fi
Fri Oct 10 23:33:47 EDT 2003


Gee...I should have had both manifold replaced when left one broke.
Now I have rattle comming from right side. Yes, this means another
"let's drop the engine down little bit, so we can change it" job.
That's enough for me, I called local MTM dealer and I'll get offer
next monday for MTM 420 hp set. That'll have bigger turbos, manifolds,
race cats/downpipe (I already got exhaust pipe big enough for 500hp),
new injectors, new ICs and redesigned air input, ported heads, new gas
pump etc. If compared to other vendor's sets, this have more margin
for few more extra HP. So if I buy that, MTM's Peter Link will drive
special program for my car. That should make some serius hp's.

If that offer will be to much, I still buy 370hp set and have Link to
drive program for my car.


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