[BiturboS4] Do S4s have EDRs?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Oct 10 13:39:35 EDT 2003

Interesting.  By the way, someone just posted a quesstion on the
VAG-COM list about how to read this crash data, if it's available.
I'll monitor that list for the answer.

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John Koenig writes:
> Sounds right, and the same applies to virtually any parameter that is
> electronically controlled or monitored (e.g. throttle position, RPM, speed,
> etc.).  All of these are stored to some degree or another, not only as DTCs
> ("fault codes") or configuration data.  I'm not the one who can tell you
> whether this stuff could be used to reveal information about an accident,
> but the various control modules store all kinds of data that is accessible
> to someone who knows how to get to it.
> --John
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> From: James M. De Arras <jmd at westlab.com>
> Subject: [SPAM?] RE: [BiturboS4] Do S4s have EDRs?
> > Not as a separate device, that information is stored in the air bag ECU
> > on crash.  Not erasable, the airbag ECU must be replaced after a crash.
> > But it is possible to read the crash data, so effectively the answer to
> > your question is "Yes".
> >
> > Jim

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