[BiturboS4] s4 engine noise

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Are you able to get Audi to cover the turbo replacement?

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>On my 2001 S4, the turbos started whining almost immediately after
>installing the X chip at 8000 miles.  the turbos failed last week at
>20,000 miles and there was no warning.  I just hit the gas and all of a
>sudden i was shooting tons of smoke out the back end.  :-(
>Robin Gibson wrote:
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>>I run a 1999 S4 manual with ABT chip (310bhp) which was fitted 2 years
>>ago.  Over the last 6 months I have noticed more induction-type noise from
>>the turbos; rather than the usual crisp high pitched whistle from 1500rpm,
>>it sounds like a muted moaning sound between 1500-2000rpm, almost like one
>>of the turbos is slow to speed up and slow down.  It is most noticeable on
>>light throttle or when decelerating.  No noises or problems when driven
>>hard.  Feels like some loss of response below 3000rpm, but difficult to
>>tell if much loss at higher revs.  Sound familiar to anyone?
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