[BiturboS4] Problems with Display and Headlight Sparay Unit

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Oct 20 12:49:17 EDT 2003

ken kgrant writes:
> Just found out that the lower three quarter of the
> in-dashboard display unit that indicates the
> tempreature, and radio station settings goes blank
> once I start the car.  When the door is open it comes
> back on  indicating the door that is open.  However
> the orange portion of the display unit is functionl,
> in that it indicates if the wiper fluid is low or if
> the gas is low.

Make sure you didn't inadvertently turn off the display...
Use the pushbutton on the bottom of the wiper stalk and
see if you can turn it back on.

> Also my spray unit for the headlights do not function
> when the lights are turned on.  Again is there a
> simple way I can diagnose the problem without having
> to take it to the dealer?

Probably the pump...  The definitive way to test is to check if
there is voltage at the pump terminals when your headlights are
on and when you activate the winshield washer.  But that pump
is not readily accessible without taking a bunch of stuff apart.

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