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Robin Gibson robingibson at cowanlinn.co.uk
Fri Oct 24 09:37:15 EDT 2003

Hi guys

I chipped my S4tt at 15k with the abt 310hp chip.  I am now at 44k miles
without any problems.  Best purchase I ever made; I'd probably have sold my
kids for an RS4 by now, but with the abt S4 there is little point.  I use
the car for everyday driving and find that I very rarely have to use full
power.  Driven with (some) restraint and respect, the rest of the
mechanicals seem to be up to it.  In the UK at least, the Audi warranty is
unaffected if they install the abt chip.  Worth checking up on - you're
missing out otherwise


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> My S4 is not chipped.  I am indeed reluctant to jeopardize my warranty
> while it's still in effect.  Even after the warranty is over, I'd think
> twice about doing it, because it seems that chipping often causes a
> bunch of expensive failures and I am not sure I want to get caught up
> in that...  The temptation of power is great, though :).
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> John M. Harrison writes:
> > I'm curious - have you experimented with chipping, or are you reluctant
> > to do this while your car is in warranty as I am?  I understand if you
> > don't want to answer to the whole list.  Cheers.
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