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I'm sure Audi had the California's  91 octane  in mind when they detuned
so they didn't have to have a CA specific version since CA gets the
worst gas in the US. If I want to pay through the nose I think I can
even still get 95 octane at Sunoco here in VA, but even so its 93
everywhere else.  As for the slushbox(which I'll sheepishly admit I have
because of the traffic around here) its rated for 300 ft/lb according to
AMS - they detune their chips for the tiptronic version so as to not
exceed that value.

As for you APR chip owners that don't have the CEL problems - are you
running the new V5 software or the older V3 software? Mine is the V3 and
I'm wondering if upgrading it will help with my CEL situation.


Quincy Chiang wrote:

>I know the fuel quality here in North America isn't as good as those found in Europe, but we pay a lot less than them, so I can't really complain.  As for the detuning of the S4 from 265 to 250hp, I thought the main reason was so that Audi could equip this car with a slushbox for the North American market, as the euro-S4 are manual transmission only.  The main reduction is torque from 295(?) to 258(?) ft-lb, my numbers maybe wrong.
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>Robin Gibson writes:
>>I chipped my S4tt at 15k with the abt 310hp chip.  I am now at 44k miles
>>without any problems.  Best purchase I ever made; I'd probably have sold my
>>kids for an RS4 by now, but with the abt S4 there is little point.  I use
>>the car for everyday driving and find that I very rarely have to use full
>>power.  Driven with (some) restraint and respect, the rest of the
>>mechanicals seem to be up to it.  In the UK at least, the Audi warranty is
>>unaffected if they install the abt chip.  Worth checking up on - you're
>>missing out otherwise
>Yeah, but you probably have much better fuel quality in the UK than what
>we have here that's pisswater pretending to be fuel.  Audi had to detune
>the S4's power/torque output for the US market cars because of that,
>in order to put some safety margin in.  By chipping up to above the
>Euro standard, we would remove all the safety margin and then some...
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