[BiturboS4] New S4 owner

ken kgrant kaspgr at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 24 10:40:34 EDT 2003

just moved to cornhusker state (lincoln, nebraska)
from indiana.  the nearest dealer is 50 miles away and
the highgest octane i can get here is 91.  :-(

i just called the dealer (olsen in omaha) to make an
appt. for an oil change and also to take a look at the
headlight wiper fluid pump.  the service manager said
they can only do oil change on saturdays and he can
only take a look at pump on weekdays.  i called up
audi usa and they gave some lame ass excuse as their
dealers are indpenedent etc.

i was seriously thinking of an upgrade to the new s4.
now i am thinking of a bimmer or a merc.  i like my s4
but the pontiac attitude of the dealers and audi usa
really sucks.


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