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Fri Oct 24 12:52:36 EDT 2003

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I have news for ya - most car dealers in the USA are independents that basi=
cally "franchise" from the manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Mercedes, incld.).

You are liable to run into that "Pontiac" attitude with just about any car =
dealer - the same with the "McDonald's" attitude that u can potentially run=
 into here on the East Caost. Unless the franchiser (car dealers, fast food=
 operators) pays their employees better than most, and treats them like hum=
an beings, then u might find better respect for the customer (YOU and ME).

The only thing a franchiser (Audi USA, McDonalds) will do (from my experien=
ce), is apply (gentle) pressure to the franchisee (your local dealer, resta=
urant). I found this out when my turbos blew (they were stock, most folks o=
n this board and AudiWorld heard my rantings earlier this yr) and the deale=
r (where I purchased the car) gave me a "hard time".

Meanwhile, based on the emails that I received from other S4 owners with bl=
own turbos (out of warranty), other Audi dealers (who are independent busin=
essmen/women) were willing to work with their customers (especially on the =
West Coast).

Apparently, Audi USA reimburses the dealer for fixing the turbos (or any ot=
her major problem - especially out of warranty like i was) under their cust=
omer care program. But, the dealer has the power to make whatever deal work=
s best for THEM (I ended up in a 50/50 deal - others did BETTER  with their=
 local Audi dealer - even those out of warranty like myself) and Audi USA b=
asically supports the dealer's position.

In a nutshell, Audi USA (or most large USA based franchisers) will rarely O=
VERRULE or BULLY their dealers for a customer. But from time to time, it ha=
s been known to happen(it's called "catching lightening in a bottle!").


00 S4 Imola (60k mi - still not chipped, probably will go AMS/Abt in the ne=
ar future)
86 Porsche 951 (130k mi - chipped for 10k mi)

ken kgrant <kaspgr at yahoo.com> wrote:
just moved to cornhusker state (lincoln, nebraska)
from indiana. the nearest dealer is 50 miles away and
the highgest octane i can get here is 91. :-(

i just called the dealer (olsen in omaha) to make an
appt. for an oil change and also to take a look at the
headlight wiper fluid pump. the service manager said
they can only do oil change on saturdays and he can
only take a look at pump on weekdays. i called up
audi usa and they gave some lame ass excuse as their
dealers are indpenedent etc.

i was seriously thinking of an upgrade to the new s4.
now i am thinking of a bimmer or a merc. i like my s4
but the pontiac attitude of the dealers and audi usa
really sucks.


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