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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Oct 28 06:08:26 EST 2003

Don Antonacchio writes:
> I am looking at purchasing a 2000 A6 2.7T.  It has 98,000 miles (a lease tu=
> rn in).  Should I expect to encounter replacement of the turbos, timing bel=
> t (if it has one), clutch or anything else?  I am new to this vehicle and I=
>  really need some guidance.  Thanks.

Yes, the car has a timing belt.  If it hasn't been replaced in 98K
miles then it's living on borrowed time.  Do it immediately.

As for the clutch, it greatly depends on the way it's been driven.
It's not unusual for a clutch to last well over 100K miles, but
it's also possible to wear it out in 20K miles.

The turbos should not normally be considered a "wear" item, but if the
car hasn't been taken care of (i.e., proper warm up and cool down) then
the turbos could fail.  Also, if the car has been modified/chipped
then it stresses the turbos further, and could shorten their lives.

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