[BiturboS4] Re: Update on me and my S4 in cornhusker land.

ken kgrant kaspgr at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 14:07:56 EST 2003

well folks, an update on my s4 story here in nebraska.
 the highest octane fuel i can find here in the
capitol city is 92.  four gas stations that i visted
this afternoon hand only 87 and 89, untill i came
across a bp station with 92.  phew!

as for dealer here, we don't have one.  last satudrday
i was suppose to take my s4 for an oil change (35k) in
omaha.  i finally managed to find the only place here
(advance auto parts) that sells synthetic engine oil.
but on friday i happen to drive by the vw dealer and
they had an audi service sign out.  walked in and
talked to the folks there and, to my delight, they do
service audis and handle all warranty work.

i blew the omaha dealership off and took my car in on
monday to have the oil change and  my headlight washer
pump looked at.  they did the whole thing for me
including changing the worn wiper blades at no cost. i
was real happy.

curiously, they also said that they added three quarts
of tranmission oil (i have a 6-speed).  i am wondering
if this is normal for 5k in between oil chages,  or
the dealer that i went to before did not bother
checking the tranny fluid ever?

i get a feeling its the latter.  i'm kinda worried

that is all for now.  hope you folks have a good


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