[BiturboS4] Customized behavior programming

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Sep 11 10:14:53 EDT 2003

Al Smith writes:
>            Guess I am going to have to break down and buy a VAG-COM, as my
> 1st visit to my local dealer with my new to be 2001-S4 yielded no
> adjustments.

VAG-COM is a wonderful little companion to any late model VW or Audi.
You'll be amazed at what you could do with it.  Subscribe to the
vag-com mailing list and learn all about it.  Also read the past
postings archives.

>                       1. Temperature gauge grossly over registers, even when
> cold and thus not effected by engine temperature -- dealer said can not be
> adjusted

You should be able to do an "adaptation" on an appropriate channel of
the instruments modules to correct that.

>                       2. MPG over registers by about 10%- they said no-( I
> know this is possible)

Yup, should be able to do that with an "adaptation" on the instruments

>                       3. "down-up" fast, what ever they call that.  Ok when
> pulling in for a toll, but hate having do it all the time.  Would like to be
> able to open windows part way without having to be fast to stop downward
> movement.  They said this could not be adjusted-- it is in the computer.

I don't think you could make the windows go slower.  It's possible that
you may be able to turn off the "auto down" and "auto up" feature
altogether, but I haven't checked into that.

>                       4. HVAC - would love to be able to turn off the
> automatic and just open the vents -  when it is lets say 80 degrees out,
> like to open the windows, and also get the same temp going thru the vents.
> Guess you can turn on the "Econ" and set to highest setting.  I find it a
> pain to have the automatic setting going on to compensate for the warm air
> coming in everytime I open the windows.

You can touch 'Econ', set the desired temp to a *low* setting, and then
just set the fan speed manually to what you want.

>              Also, so much for the free oil changes.  They offer only
> service every 10000 miles, and would charge $62 for the in between changes.
> Of course, will go elsewhere.  Most of my driving is local, mixed in with a
> few 200 mile trips, which I think is hard on the oil.

Yup.  I change the oil more frequently than the official 10K interval.
Apparently the car thinks so too, because every 5K miles the service
interval reminder on mine would tell me "Service!".  With VAG-COM,
I could reset the service interval reminder after changing the oil
and filter myself.

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