[BiturboS4] Customized behavior programming

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You can use VAG to reset the computer so that it accurately measures MPG.
It's a simple thing to do (change the value from 100 to 110 in the
appropriate block - see me if you need help). My MPG are now very accurate.

You mentioned oil changes - I recommend doing every 5k miles with synthetic
oil only (Audi dealers use regular oil so be careful). Whether you use 0W30,
5W30 or 0W40 probably doesn't matter (in my opinion).


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>From: Al Smith <awsm123 at optonline.net>
>To: Ti Kan <ti at amb.org>
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>Subject: Re: [BiturboS4] Customized behavior programming
>Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 08:30:53 -0400
>Hi Ti (our expert on computer settings S4):
>            Guess I am going to have to break down and buy a VAG-COM, as my
>1st visit to my local dealer with my new to be 2001-S4 yielded no
>            These are not major things, but just annoyances:
>                       1. Temperature gauge grossly over registers, even
>cold and thus not effected by engine temperature -- dealer said can not be
>                       2. MPG over registers by about 10%- they said no-( I
>know this is possible)
>                       3. "down-up" fast, what ever they call that.  Ok
>pulling in for a toll, but hate having do it all the time.  Would like to
>able to open windows part way without having to be fast to stop downward
>movement.  They said this could not be adjusted-- it is in the computer.
>                       4. HVAC - would love to be able to turn off the
>automatic and just open the vents -  when it is lets say 80 degrees out,
>like to open the windows, and also get the same temp going thru the vents.
>Guess you can turn on the "Econ" and set to highest setting.  I find it a
>pain to have the automatic setting going on to compensate for the warm air
>coming in everytime I open the windows.
>              Also, so much for the free oil changes.  They offer only
>service every 10000 miles, and would charge $62 for the in between changes.
>Of course, will go elsewhere.  Most of my driving is local, mixed in with a
>few 200 mile trips, which I think is hard on the oil.
>               Love my S4, which I have had since April 30th, 2003, and
>thought would never want more power.. funny how you get used to the
>and wonder what it would be like to have more.  I am going to resist
>chipping etc tho, as I fear modifications could be just asking for trouble.
>               Tire pressures.. I have been running 39psi, to avoid damage
>wheels from numerous pot holes that we have in the Connecticut area.  If
>ever want to test a vehicle on rough roads, just take a drive up I-95 in
>Fairfield County Connecticut, or on some of our local roads.
>              If you have any answers to the adjustment above, would
>appreciate your input
>Thanks, Al Smith  Norwalk, Ct  awsm123 at optonline.net
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>Subject: Re: [BiturboS4] Customized behavior programming
> > Russell Romano writes:
> > > I have heard that there are many features in my 2000 A6 2.7T that can
> > > stomized using the proper equipment.
> > >
> > > I would like my keychain remotes to be able to put the windows (and
> > > ) down when I open the door locks (and hold the button), and also
> > >  the windows and sunroof when I lock the doors and hold the button.  I
> > > eve this is possible.
> >
> > Yes, you can program this using VAG-COM.
> >
> > > I'd also like my homelink garage door opener to remain functional
> > >  car is turned off!  It is driving me crazy that the opener shuts off
>with =
> > > the car and I can't close the door behind my car after pulling into my
> > > ge!
> >
> > Nope, that's not one of the programmable things... :(.
> >
> > > Ideally, I'd like to see a complete list of everything that can be
> > > ed on the car and have it all setup to my liking.  Doesn't anyone know
>of s=
> > > uch a list?
> >
> > All of the "programmable" features are done via coding of individual
> > control modules.  For instance, the door lock stuff is all done by
> > the "central locking" control module, and there are numerous control
> > that govern the function of various systems in your car (engine,
> > HVAC, radio, central locking, instruments, ABS, airbag, etc, etc.)
> > www.audiworld.com and www.ross-tech.com has some info, but to get the
> > monty you need to get the CD edition of the Bentley service manual for
> > your car, and you need the VAG diagnostic scan tool (or equivalent,
> > such as VAG-COM).
> >
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