[BiturboS4] boost question

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Under WOT (wide open throttle) the specified and actual boost should be
within a hundred or two mbar of each other. At shifts, the actual will trail
the specified but it should be too far behind (else you might have a bad
DV). Under medium throttle conditions, it's hard to measure because it's
really hard to keep a consistent throttle position. Also, note that the S4
doesn't really get into positive boost until you start to get on it.


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>I have a VAG and ran some block 115 logs.  My actual boost is often 100-250
>mbar higher than specified boost during partial throttle. Under full
>throttle specified is approx 1500ish mbar and actual is within 20-30 of
>this, but at partial throttle specified boost might be 1200 and actual is
>typically 1400ish.   It's actually not bad to drive, but I'm told spec'd vs
>actual should be within like 5% and since it's warranted . .
>I'm taking it in for service next week but was wondering if any others have
>heard of such a problem?
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