[BiturboS4] Recommend Audi body shops in Allentown, PA

Brad R mrtwr at early.com
Wed Sep 24 22:23:23 EDT 2003

Hey, everyone.  Just wondering if anyone can recommend a decent body shop to
work on my S4 in the Allentown area.  I got rear ended tonight down in
Allentown.  There was 4 cars involved and mine was the 3rd hit.  Damage
isn't terrible, but the rear bumper is marked up a bit.  The big problem was
that I was forced into a pickup truck, whose bumper was higher than mine.
That bashed in my grille and hood, so I can't open the hood right now.  The
car is driveable, but I'll park it until fixed.

I'm ok, but my neck is a little sore.  I did hit the headrest pretty good
when impacted.  I'll have fun with the insurance and I'll probably get
checked out at the doctor as well.

Sucks.  I guess I won't be autocrossing this weekend at Nazareth

2000 S4 60k

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