[BiturboS4] timing belt service interval

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Its funny that this is coming up since I just asked the S-car list last

The '01 S4:

The dealer says that the 60K service is "just a glorified oil change, about
$250". Oil, Filter and Pollen Filter, plus a whole battery (no pun) of tests
and inspections.

The '01 S4 2.7l gets a timing belt replacement at 105k miles.
Spark Plugs are at 80k miles. The dealer faxed me the service schedule from

I'll be calling Audi to ask what happens if the T-belt breaks before 105k.
If it looks fine and in good condition who pays if it does break??
I will at my 60k ask the dealer to put in writing the status of the T-belt
at the next service.

Nothing big is done at 50k. Just a regular oil change.

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> You should change your engine completly and get the new S4! ;-)
> DAK <dak at rochester.rr.com> wrote:Audi recommends this service at 104K miles.
> That seems high and I've
> heard of failures at not much more that 50K miles. Mine is approaching
> 50K, so I wonder if I should be concerned.
> Anyone know of a practical change interval for these engines?
> Thanks,
> David


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