[Biturbos4] Neuspeed 22mm rear bar bushings?

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Fri Apr 2 17:41:57 EST 2004

Tell you what. I've got some old control arms with bad heim joints in them.

Lemme look at them a little closer. This may be an issue of the boots
allowing water into them or otherwise degrading over time. The boots can be
replaced or improved without replacement. I had a boot crack on me at about
75k miles .. and the joint would have failed had I not cleaned it out and
put a new boot on it. Still tight today ...

I'll find out some more in the near future.

- Keman

Russell Romano wrote:
>> Consider ourselves lucky?  I would agree that the Audi suspensions
>> are a mechanical marvel, but I would not consider myself lucky that
>> Audi has decided to build the front end of our cars our of eight
>> individual control arms, each with non-replaceable bearings.  On top
>> of that the control arms are notoriously short lived.  In my old A4
>> they started creaking with only 50k miles on the car.  Not bad for a
>> $50 ball joint.... Ridiculous for 1 out of 8 control arms!
>> A properly engineered product doesn't take $1500+ in parts and hours
>> of labor to repair at 50k miles.
>> I take this as a trade off for the handling characteristics that are
>> unique to Audi.  I enjoy the cars so I tolerate the reliability...
>> But I won't own one without a comprehensive warranty to cover such
>> situations.  I'd like to see that improve so I don't have to be
>> afraid to own one past my warranty.
>> -Russ
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>> Really, we should consider ourselves lucky. An S4 has only a couple
>> bushings. The rest are all heim (ball) joints. They wear out,
>> surprisingly,
>> just like bushings do. But they are much easier to replace and
>> perform at 100% up to the point where they loosen up and rattle to
>> hell before you take
>> the control arm off and pitch it into the dumpster.
>> Audi suspension still blows my mind. It's neat stuff.
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