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After dragging my feet for 6 months I'm now nearly on 50k mi and need to jump in.  Some of you expressed interest in extended warranties.  I'm buying from AutoWarrantyBroker.com . I shopped for the "exclusionary" coverage (most expensive and closest to factory type coverage).   They say my contract is underwritten by the Great American Ins Co., which has to follow the laws of the state - and would be backed by the State if they defaulted/closed, etc - No reinsurers. 

4 years(from now)/ till 100,000 mi on odometer-  exclusionary coverage, $25. deductible per visit - $1983.00  [ $2133. less "promotion discount" of $150. (she said it really is good only until 4/10 ! pressure!!)   They offer many varieties of coverage.  It definitely covers twin turbos -  I saw some chatter on AW to the contrary, but called and confirmed.

I'll forward my email quote to anyone interested -

This piece was in the email they sent me:

Insurance companies formed as Risk Retention Groups (RRG) are generally NOT safe for consumers. Regardless of their ratings they are financially too small to cover their extended risks. Internet marketers will tell you they have large reinsurance companies behind their product. However, what they don't tell you, is the terms of the reinsurance agreement. Most reinsurance agreements offer little or no protection to the consumer. There is rarely a consumer "cut-through" to the reinsurer.

If the reinsurer is providing the security, you should have legal access to their protection. Ask for a copy of the reinsurance agreement. Warranty Gold, WarrantyByNet, 1Source, Warranty Direct, Discount Auto Warranty  and most of the other internet marketing companies use risk retention groups (RRG). 

Some others I considered, 4yr/100k exclusionary:

WarrantyWarehouse- Stopped writing S4's a few months ago.

WarrantyBynet - No S4 cvrg.

Warranty Direct - No S4 cvrg

WarrantyGold - did not consider due to recent default

Viking - $2680. -50-ded.

1Source AutoWarranty - $2194. -0- ded.

Direct Service Contracts - $2820. -100-ded

Accell - Doesn't write in MD.

Extended AutoWaranty - $4000.+

AutoAdvantage $2611. -50-ded

American Auto Warranty Service - $2835.

Warranty4Wheels - $3205. 125k mi. -0-ded

I know I've missed many - 

but others that sounded like I was calling their home, cell # or web site that wasn't very user friendly or something strange - were excluded.

Happy Easter,


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