[Biturbos4] I'm buying Extended Warranty from

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Apr 9 22:25:50 EDT 2004

Sounds like you really did your homework.  Thanks for sharing the
info with the group.  I will be shopping for extended warranty as
well when the factory coverage ends at the end of the year.  This
is valuable info that no doubt I'd look at again.

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TStifler writes:
> After dragging my feet for 6 months I'm now nearly on 50k mi and need to =
> jump in.  Some of you expressed interest in extended warranties.  I'm =
> buying from AutoWarrantyBroker.com . I shopped for the "exclusionary" =
> coverage (most expensive and closest to factory type coverage).   They =
> say my contract is underwritten by the Great American Ins Co., which has =
> to follow the laws of the state - and would be backed by the State if =
> they defaulted/closed, etc - No reinsurers.=20
> ...

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